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Crap, crap, lots of crappy crap. Proceed at your own risk.

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You people need to stop this. I can't help but answer them.

Lexie's Questions

1 - Do you ever wonder why?
Yeah, sometimes I cry myself to sleep with it. And then I wake up laughing.

2 - What's the first thing you remember, ever?
My father's blue eyes as he woke me up. Paul Newman blue, just ... beautiful.

I did. I need to finish this essay, man, sorry.

4 - Would you choose to have a baby lion or a baby tiger?
Baby dragon.

5 - If there was a fire in the house and it burned out precisely the most precious thing you have, would you a)cry b)kick your face or c)set fire to the rest of the house?
The most sensible thing, obviously; c.

6 - What if you met the love of your life but then it turns out he is actually THE ALIEN VERSION OF GERARD WAY MIXED WITH PATRICK STUMP? (you lucky bastard)
I'll wrap a blue scarf around his neck and tuck an angel blade into his coat and we will take over the Enterprise and go to Isengard together to hunt for hippogriffs.
Yes, I'm serious.

7 - Say seven things you hate about me. not thinking Miley Cyrus no of course not not at all (I believe you, darling :iconbiggrinplz:) Or seven things you like about me. Or seven random things. JUST SEVEN.
Okay, lemme try this.
One, I haven't met you yet when I should already have. Which I blame on you; you're supposed to buy a ticket and fly over here. We should have went to the Placebo concert together.
Two, even if I haven't met you yet I think you're prettier than me.
Three, I'm pretty sure you're as mentally unstable as I am. That isn't good AT ALL.
Four, you like the same things as I do. Too many similarities; how am I going to prevent myself from crying all over you should we meet?
Five, stop it with those things you write, you make me wanna cry at the beauty of them all. Teach me how to write.
Six, and those smart comments and replies, too. I snorted beer through my nose two times because of you.
Seven, I fucking give up with coming up of negative things for you. Let me go to my corner as I plot a plan to murder Miley Cyrus.

8 - If I ask you to think of a number, what's the first one to come to your head? Does it mean anything?
69. You know what I mean.
... What, you didn't think the same as I did? 
Pervert. :iconbiggrinplz:

9 - If you had to live in an anime or manga, which one would you choose to live in?
Kuroshitsuji, definitely. And let's face it, I'd probably die within a week, BUT IT'LL BE THE BEST WEEK EVER.

10 - What do you think of this?
. . . Someone had to many Asahi Drys to drink, I see.

Mia's Questions

1 - Am I sexy yet?
Can I see you in a bikini first? *wiggly eyebrows*

2 - Your absolute favorite kind of donut?
Drippy chocolate with peanuts. Mmm, I'm salivating as I type this.

3 - Why does the world hate humanity?
Because humanity didn't give it enough donuts.

4 - How little time do you think I put into this tag?
Half an hour, tops?

5 - What is your favorite thing to do?
Glomping people and see their reactions. The more repulsed they are, the more hilarious.

6 - How many accounts do you have?
... I lost count at 24. Heh.

7 - Baby taco or large eyed leaf?
Zachary Quinto.

8: How fucking cute is this?…
On a scale of 1-10, 9.5.

9 - How many letters are in the word that I'm thinking of right now?

9B - Is the word I'm thinking of sexual or sadistic?
Neither. It's "BOOM", isn't it?

10 - Marceline the Vampire Queen is a- scary, b- sexy, c- badass, or d- The fuck is Marceline the Vampire Queen?
a, b, aaaaaand c. I fuckin' love her.

I don't tag anyone or ask any questions because rules were made to break for me.
Plus there's this essay; and if it ever goes out of my professor's hands and to anyone else's I'm sure those amnesty bill protesters will come at me with pitchforks. :P

- Nikki


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Nikkie. Nicole. NOT NIKKI MINAJ.

Anime. Manga. Video games. Horror movies. Alternative rock. Lolita fashion. Tea. Wine.

Paranoid. Insomniac. Psycho.

Roleplays as Jinx Hex Curse, a.k.a. Vanessa here, wishes she was kinder to Hex here also but doesn't do it. XD

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But I'm madly in love with all your characters, Peter, Omen, John, AM, Seb, Glitter, Reno, Chi-An, Garin, Walter,  Mickey, Thomas and the likes. 
Oh, and Hex, the love for that poor, poor girl is overwhelming. XD you should be super proud of all of them. 
((Specially Seb, Glitter, AM, Water and Johnny , they're my faves. ^^))
but yeah- I just wanted I throw that out there that you've got yourself a fan. :))
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